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Excellent international and regional accessibility

Rotterdam is the gateway to Europe, with excellent car, rail, air, inland waterway and shipping connections.

Rotterdam Central District is an international transport hub that will serve seventy-five million travellers in 2025. Schiphol Airport (20 minutes away by high-speed train) and Rotterdam The Hague Airport offer direct flights to and from destinations worldwide. The connection to the European HSL network and regional light rail RandstadRail bring destinations like The Hague, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, London and Hamburg within easy reach.

Economic centre of Europe

Rotterdam is one of the most important port cities in Europe. The Port of Rotterdam is the gateway to the European market, with more than 350 million consumers. Rotterdam is also one of the world’s most important intersections for the flow of goods. The annual transhipment volume at the port is around 450 million tons. Such an important port city cannot thrive without a dynamic urban centre with a 24-hour economy. Rotterdam Central District is that economic centre and is the ideal location for organisations in the traditionally strong energy, logistics, industrial and commercial sectors.